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Welcome Wahoo Foundation International
Our mission: Wahoo Foundation International Inc. (WFI) is an American nonprofit humanitarian, charitable aid organization which provides programs, resources and long-term humanitarian aid to those in need world-wide regardless of race, creed and political persuasion.

WFI America and abroad consist of nonprofit humanitarian programs. Donations received will be applied to the following programs:

ASEA - Help your body discover its own best defense.

Wahoo Foundation International is proud to to offer ASEA. Profits from the sale of ASEA will go to help fund WFI's humanitarian efforts.

ASEA is the a product that delivers the balanced foundation that every person needs for optimal immune function. For additional information on how you can help WFI, visit: ASEA

How You Can Help Our Current Fundraising Efforts
Without your donations we would not be able to continue our on-going humanitarian efforts. You or your organization will find many ways you can help others through Wahoo Foundation International.
Donating is easy;
  • How You Can Help! - Planned gift giving, including (Individual charitable donations, corporate donations and matching gift programs are welcomed. Medical equipment, supplies, and medication donation information, are needed.
  • Donations - There are many ways to donate to WFI and it's charitable programs including cash, medical equipment, medical supplies and school supplies.
  • Shop WFI - Wahoo Foundation International offers the sale of medical equipment to help fund it's charitable programs. Donate your medical equipment today.

One of the aims of Wahoo Foundation International is the global eradication of preventable, curable diseases such as;
Lyme disease
Parasitic diseases
Poliomyelitis (polio)
Typhoid Fever

many of which are caused by contaminated water supplies and lack of vaccines and immunization medication. Many of the diseases that third world countries face can be prevented with water purification systems and access to immunization medication.

Therefore, Wahoo Foundation International accepts any form of token including donations of water purification equipment, water pumps, medications and medical supplies to help with our efforts of stamping out these preventable diseases.

To receive donated water purification systems and/or immunization and vaccine medication and medical supplies and equipment, please contact Wahoo Foundation International.



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