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Medical Equipment Assistance Programs
Wahoo Foundation International, an American nonprofit humanitarian aid organization, provides medical equipment and medical supplies to needed hospitals, clinics, and families world wide.

Wahoo Foundation International is dedicated to improving the health care in needy communities in countries worldwide by donating new and refurbished medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics serving these communities and individuals in need.

medical supplies and medical equipment

Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Assistance Programs
Our goal is to improve health care in communities world-wide.

Wahoo Foundation International helps hospitals, clinics and families world wide to obtain the proper medical equipment and supplies needed to provide quality health care to those individuals.

Your donations help our Medical Equipment Assistance Program
by allowing us to provide and ship these necessary medical supplies world wide to hospitals, clinics and families in need.

Wahoo Foundation also offers the sale our overstock of medical equipment to the general public. Proceeds will help fund the shipping of needed medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, clinics and individuals world-wide.

Donate to the Wahoo Foundation International Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies Assistance Program.
Wahoo Foundation International uses donations to help provide quality health care world-wide.

Don't Throw it Away!

If you or your medical organization has new medical supplies and/or new or used medical equipment in which you'd like to donate, visit Donate Medical Equipment.



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